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We are a small business primarily focused on growing plants for sale in our own garden center.  We encourage you to visit our Garden Center and Barn Owl Gift Shop to see our great selection of plants and gifts for yourself.

Why don't we have any sizes or prices on the plants in our website?

The simple answer is that plants grow, are re-potted, created, grafted together, pruned, or sold constantly.  To keep the information on our website current, there would have to be a running database link between our computers here at the nursery, and the servers who host the site......And we are farmers who just barely know what that means.

Want something shipped to you?

Many of our plants are of appropriate sizes to fit into boxes and can be shipped to you.  If while browsing our site you find item(s) you are interested in purchasing to be shipped...

1. Contact us by phone or E-Mail.  Let us know what you are interested in, and that you would like them to be shipped.  You will be informed of what we have available and pricing.  This is a great time to ask any questions about care, watering, sunlight, eventual size ect.  The person taking your order will likely have been part in the care of those plants.

Phone : (269) 543-4175

2. While we are on the phone or in contact via e-mail with you, we will get some information from you.  We will need the address where the package is to be sent and payment information.

3. We will gather all the plants you are interested in to figure out the best way to package them.  Once this is done we will have the cost of shipping and contact you with the total cost.  You will not be charged for anything until you are informed of the total cost and give permission for payment.

    We calculate the total cost as follows:

  • Price of items you are interested in +

  • UPS Shipping cost +

  • $6.00 for packaging +

  • Tax (if applicable)

NOTE:  We ship plants at the beginning of the work week to ensure they don't sit in a hot warehouse over the weekend.



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