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Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubilee' - Golden Anise hyssop
Zone 5
Golden foliage is topped with sky blue flowers in mid summer to fall.  The foliage smells distinctly of licorice which give someone brushing against it a pleasant surprise.  Grows best in well drained soil and in a sunny spot.
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Ajuga reptans 'Chocolate Chip' - Chocolate Chip Bugleweed
Zone 4
Very low to the ground groundcover with beautiful red foliage.  Indigo blue flowers in spring.  With fertile soil and moisture will spread rapidly.


Alchemilla erythopoda - Dwarf Lady's Mantle
Zone 5
Small medium green leaves with a slightly serrated edge stand to about 10" tall.  Chartreuse flowers stand above the foliage and offer a nice understated look.  Great in masses or as an accent plant in the shade garden.


Arisaema triphyllum - Jack in the Pulpit
Zone 3
A beautiful cup-shaped flower stands atop this shade-loving wild flower.  Keep the soil moist for best results.  Can grow up to 2'.
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Aruncus aethusifolius - Dwarf Goat's Beard
Zone 5
Petite perennial with ferny foliage similar to an astilbe.  White spike flowers push up through the foliage in late spring.  Great for pathways or borders.


Asarum europaeum - European Ginger
Zone 5
Lustrous dark green leaves with a slow spreading habit.  Grows to 10" tall.  Evergreen leaves nearly hide a pretty maroon flower that shows itself in the spring.


Astilbe chinensis 'Maggie Daley' - Maggie Daley Astilbe
Zone 4
Lower growing astilbe with a tendency to spread.  Flower spikes are bright pink.  Spreading tendencies makes this a great groundcover.



Astilbe chinensis 'Visions' - Visions Astilbe
Zone 4
Great lusterous leaves which show off the medium pink spiked flowers.  Has become one of the most popular cultivars for ease of maintenance and flower color.



Astilbe x arendsii 'Deutchland' - Deutchland Astilbe
Zone 4
Foliage stands to about 1' while the flowers shoot to 2'.  Grows to a 3' mass with clean white flowers.  Grow in sun or shade.



Astilbe x arendsii 'Fanal' - Fanal Astilbe
Zone 4
Shorter bright red flowers makes this astilbe probably the most popular at our nursery.  Foliage shows a hint of red tones when planted in more sun and dark glossy green when in shade.


Astilbe x arendsii 'Rheinland' - Rheinland Astilbe
Zone 4
Lush green foliage grows to 18" while the flowers can stand above 2'.  Flowers are rosy pink in color and quite prolific.  Grow in sun or shade.


Athyrium nippomicum 'Pictum' - Japanese Painted Fern
Zone 3
Mid-size fern with silvery foliage tipped with hints of blue and maroon.  It's not hard to imagine why this is our most popular fern.  Grows 18" tall by as much as 3' wide.
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Chelone lyonii 'Hot Lips' - Pink Turtlehead
Zone 4
Very dark green glossy leaves and bright pink flowers atop 3' stems make this perennial a perfect candidate for your garden.  Prefers a partly sunny location a rich soils.
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Convularia majalis rosea - Pink Lily of the Valley
Zone 4
Dainty sprays of light pink bell-shaped flowers. Prefers moist well-drained soil and shade to partial shade.

Helleborus x 'Royal Heritage Strain' - Lenten Rose
Zone 4

Dark evergreen foliage is present when the snow melts and soon after three inch pendulous flowers on stems emerge in burgundy, green, white, pink.  Blooms through the spring and into summer on more established plants.
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Hemerocallis x 'Jedi Free Spirit' - Jedi Free Spirit Daylily
Zone 3
Beautiful medium pink flowers with rosy veins and a yellow throat.




Hemerocallis x 'Chinese Patchwork' - Chinese Patchwork Daylily
Zone 3
(E. Salter) Light lavender cream with a striking pattern combining dark lavender and yellow green. Evergreen tetraploid that blooms midseason and reblooms!                                       



Hemerocallis x 'Royal Braid' - Royal Braid Daylily
Zone 3
(Stamile) This dazzling flower is lavender with a purple eye and matching purple braided edge. Semi-evergreen foliage is 25” tall.Blooms midseason and reblooms!

Heuchera x 'Hollywood' pp.17129 - Hollywood Coral Bells
Zone 5

Red tinged with silver leaves form a small mound to 2'.  Red spike flowers rise above the foliage which is why many people consider this one of the prettiest Coral Bells.
Currently out of Stock




Mature Hosta size Classifications are as follows:

(MINI) - 7" OR LESS      (S) - 7-15"      (M) - 15-22"      (L) - 22" & LARGER                     

Hosta lancifolia' - Lancifolia Hosta  (M)
Medium green, sword shaped foliage giving rise to the name.   Slowly spreads to fill an area.  Great for border areas.  Violet flowers.

Hosta montana ‘Aureo Marginata’ - Montana Aureo Marginata Hosta (L)
Large, vase-shaped mound of gold edged foliage; very pale lavender flowers early to late July.

Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans ’ - Elegans Sieboldi Hosta (L)
Huge crinkled blue leaves and white flowers make this one outstanding Hosta.

Hosta tokudama - Tokudama Hosta (M)
Puckered blue leaves are cup-shaped and about nine inches across. Low, dense grower.

Hosta X (Hybrid) 'Albo Marginata’ - Albo Marginata Hosta (M)
Old fashioned standard green & white variegated hosta. Grows fast.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Allen P. McConnel’ - Allen P. McConnel Hosta (S)
Dark green leaves with white edges on this small hosta.  Use For mass plantings and groundcover.  Beautiful lavender flowers.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Aristocrat’ pp.11286 - Aristocrat Hosta (M)
Leaves are a powdery blue with a creamy yellow margin.  The contrast between colors is striking!  A Walter's gardens in Holland, MI introduction.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ - Blue Mouse Ears Hosta (Mini)
Small round gray-green leaves with heavy substance - Excellent for the rock garden.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Camelot’ - Camelot Hosta (M)
Blue tardiana hybrid. Heart shaped leaves with a powdery blue coloration. - slug resistant.

Hosta x (Hybrid) 'Christmas Tree ’ - Christmas Tree Hosta (L)
Medium sized. Green corrugated leaves with a narrow golden edge.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Clausa’ - Clausa Hosta (S)
Waxy dark green lance shaped leaves. Low growing, lavender flowers.
(S)#1 pot.....$12.95

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Francee’ - Francee Hosta (M)
Dark green leaves with clean white margins. Tolerates heavy shade.                                   

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Fringe Benefit’ - Fringe Benefit Hosta (M)
Dark forest green leaves with narrow white margins. Tolerates full sun to full shade.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Gingko Craig’ - Gingko Craig Hosta (S)
Lance shaped leaves with white margins. Low growing groundcover.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Gold Regal’ - Gold Regal Hosta (L)
Chartreuse large leaves form a rounded huge hosta.  Prefers a light shade for best color.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Great Expectations’ - Great Expectations Hosta
Showy large yellow puckered leaves edged by wide irregular margins of light green & blue - white flowers
Currently out of Stock

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Hadspen Blue’ - Hadspen Blue Hosta (M)
Medium hosta with powder blue leaves that are not as crinkled as some of it's larger cousins.  Light lavender flowers.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Halcyon’ - Halcyon Hosta (M)
Spear shaped leaves-mid size blue. Heavy substance, good growth rate.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Krossa’s Regal’ - Krossa’s Regal Hosta (L)
Moderately large with dusty blue leaves and vase-like shape.  5' lavender flower spikes.
Currently out of Stock

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Lancifolia Kabitan’ - Lancifolia Kabitan (S) Hosta
Yellow ruffled leaves with green margins. Low growing 10-12".

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Lancifolia Kabitan Green’ - Lancifolia Kabitan Green Hosta(S)
Ruffled all green leaves - Spreads rapidly.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Leather Sheen’ - Leather Sheen Hosta (S)
Dense, medium sized mound of shiny dark green foliage. Leaves are 7½’ long by 4½” wide. Flowers early to mid-July.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Patriot’ - Patriot Hosta (M)
Dark green centers with wide clean white edges. Very Striking!

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Pearl Lake’ - Pearl Lake Hosta (M)
Green foliage with an abundance of lavender flowers on this medium grower.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Plantigenia grandiflora’ - August Lily (L)
Pure white FRAGRANT flowers - very showy. Requires adequate light to bloom well. Shiny leaves, rapid growing.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Royal Standard’ - Royal Standard Hosta (L)
Dark green leaves with large FRAGRANT white flowers. Attracts hummingbirds!


Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Samurai’ - Samurai Hosta (L)
Huge blue-green leaves with wide yellow margins. Medium size, white flowers.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Shade Fanfare’ - Shade Fanfare Hosta (M)
Leaves are rippled and medium green.  Light yellow variegation on new leaves which lightens to white with age.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Sum & Substance’ - Sum & Substance Hosta (L)
Immense chartreuse leaves, prefers some sun. Probably the largest hosta. NICE!

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Sunpower’ - Sunpower Hosta (L)
Bright golden leaves even in shade!  Leaves are narrower than long and somewhat lance-shaped.  One of our favorites!
Currently out of Stock

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Sundance’ - Sundance Hosta (M)
Dark green leaves with creamy yellow to gold edges

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Thunderbolt’ pp.14232 - Thunderbolt Hosta (L)
A bright yellow stripe down the center of the large blue leaves.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Undulata Medio Variegata’ - Undulata Medio Variegata Hosta (M)
Wavy variegated leaves with white centers and fine green margins.

Hosta X (Hybrid) ‘Viridis Marginata’ - Viridis Marginata Hosta (M)
New leaves are yellow-green with a soft green outline.  As leaves age the contrast becomes more subtle giving growing plants the look of multiple characteristics.

Hosta x (Hybrid) 'Wide Brim’ - Wide Brim Hosta (M)
Dark green leaves with a wide, creamy white border. Vigorous grower.

Iris siberica 'Caesar's Brother' - Caesar's Brother Siberian Iris
Zone 4
Bright blue flowers atop long stems, many times approaching 4'.  The most popular of the siberian iris because of it's intense flower color.  Best in sun.

Iris siberica 'Snow Queen' - Snow Queen Siberian Iris
Zone 4
Clear white flowers rise above the grass-like foliage.  Very impressive when in flower and the foliage is lovely due to it's thin and tight upright habit.  Grows to 4'.

Lamiastrum galeobdolon 'Variegatum' - Yellow Archangel
Zone 4
Creeping evergreen perennial with silver variegated foliage.  Bright yellow flowers emerge in spring.  Great as a groundcover for large areas!

Liatris spicata 'Kobold' - Spiked Gayfeather
Zone 3
Bright lavender flower spikes shoot above feathery foliage.  A great accent for the sun garden.  Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds!

Polygonatum humile- Dwarf Japanese Solomon’s Seal
Zone 5
A dainty Solomon’s Seal growing only about six inches tall. Spreads slowly,
tolerates shade. Rare!
4" pot.....$7.95     Qt. pot.....$11.95

Polygonatum odoratum ‘Variegatum’ - Variegated Japanese Solomon’s Seal
Zone 5
The edges of the leaves are delicately edged in white. Spreads quickly to form a clump. Grows about 18" tall. Great with Hosta!

Primula japonica - Candelabra Primrose (mixed colors)
Zone 5
Primrose whose flowers stand up to 24" above it's low growing foliage.  Colors are mixed pink, white, and purple.

Stokesia laevis 'Purple Parasols' - Stokes Aster
Zone 5
Violet flowers standing to 15" above 12" dark green foliage.  Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  Best if grown in sun.

Tiarella x 'Black Snowflake' - Black Snowflake Foam Flower
Zone 4
Black accents on medium green leaves.  Leaves are deeply cut (almost lobed) and very attractive.  White spike flowers stand above the foliage to 24" in maturity.  Great for shade.
Currently out of Stock

Tricyrtis hirta - Toad Lily
Zone 5
A lovely perennial. Grows to 3' and is covered in late summer to fall with unusual white and purple speckled, orchid-like flowers. Does best in shade, naturalizes beautifully.

Tricyrtis hirta ‘Miyozaki’ - Dwarf Toad Lily
Zone 5
Same as species except ultimate height is only 2' tall. Place in the border or the foreground of the garden for a fall color splash!


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