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A bit about our catalog...

Our online catalog is divided into the following sections: Conifers, Hollies, Trees and Shrubs, Vines, Ornamental Grasses, and Perennials.

In each section the plants are arranged in alphabetical order by botanic name, followed by the common name, if there is one, and a very brief description of the plant. Elaborate descriptions and cultural instructions are available in much better forms in many good horticultural books and would only serve to make our catalog harder to read, and even harder to prepare.

Plants that carry an asterisk (*) after the name are either unregistered Wavecrest originals, or they are plants we grow that we have not been able to identify. When an identity becomes known to us, we use the accepted name and drop our adopted one.

We do not broker plants. Everything we offer in this catalog has been grown by us here in Western Michigan. We are favored by a mild climate due to the proximity of Lake Michigan. We have tried to flag those plants that will grow here but may not be reliably hardy elsewhere in zone 5.

Most of the hollies we offer are hardy but growing hollies involves more than cold hardiness. They can be injured in winter by wind or exposure to sunlight (especially in late winter), and do not tolerate having their roots freeze. They require acidic soil. Proper soil preparation, good location, and mulching are factors leading to success.

Our ornamental grasses are large and may be divided into several pieces and planted separately or grown on as a large clump. Because many of them grow tall they soon outgrow our shipping boxes and are only available for spring shipping.

While we grow an extensive number of plant varieties, we often have limited numbers of some varieties.  Please order early to avoid disappointment and let us know if we may substitute a similar variety if necessary.

We pack our plants with the greatest care to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.  If they do not arrive in perfect condition, please let us know immediately so we mat resolve the problem.

Since we have no control over the destiny of our plants after they leave our care, we cannot assume any responsibility for their survival thereafter. We believe that the priceless ingredient in any product is the honor and integrity of its maker. We want you to be pleased and to become a regular customer.



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