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Garden Center Hours:

April 1 thru October 15:

Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm E.S.T.                               Sunday and Holidays - 12:00 - 5:00pm E.S.T.  

October 15 thru April 1 - By Appointment only


    At Wavecrest Nursery we grow over 95 percent of the plants that we offer for sale.  We propagate over 1700 different varieties.  Many of our plants can be purchased by E-mail or over the phone and shipped to your home.  In our Garden Center we have an even more diverse selection of plants than we have available online for shipping.  Many of our plants are too large (or heavy) to safely ship or too small and delicate to properly pack and send.

    When you visit our Garden Center you will find our plants displayed in a wooded park-like setting with mixed varieties and combinations in each display bed.  Hopefully this will help you visualize combinations of plants that work well together and compliment each other.

    Along with many unique plants large and small we offer a wide range of fertilizers, soil amendments, tools and expertise to help you in your gardening adventure.  Micro-irrigation systems and do-it-yourself watering systems can simplify the drudgery of summer watering.

    Slow release fertilizers can make for one shot applications and systemic insecticides designed for home owner use all help make gardening more fun.

    If you are short on time or just feel like your green thumb is lacking we offer a wide range of other services at our garden center.  We have a full time landscape designer who can meet with you at your home to offer suggestions.  If you would prefer a full scale landscape plan, Wavecrest Design offers a thorough knowledge of plants combined with an artists flair for aesthetics. We can blend your ideas and our know-how to create the garden oasis you desire.
    We are full of ideas to make your landscape both beautiful and unique.  But ideas are just ideas without the ability to turn them into something tangible.  Wavecrest has a small dedicated staff.  many dedicated gardeners to turn your plan into reality.

    Our experienced landscaping department can assist in installation or garden maintenance as well as delivery and set-up.  If you like to plant yourself, we are ready to assist in many ways.



    Whatever your needs, we sincerely hope that you take the time to come out for a visit  When you get here we're sure you will agree that Wavecrest Nursery is one of the most unique garden centers that you have ever visited.


Stop by and visit us soon!


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