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Fertilizer Guide


N- Nitrogen   

Stimulates growth of leaves and stems

P- Phosphorus   

Stimulates the production of flowers and fruits. Hastens plant maturity.  Essential for all plant functions.

K- Potassium

Stimulates the growth of healthy roots.  Promotes general vigor and increases plant's resistance to certain diseases.


The three number ratio on organic fertilizers represents the percentage of each nutrient and is always in the same order N-P-K

Caution:  Dosage on most proprietary fertilizers can be dangerously high.  Good results can usually be obtained by using less than the recommended dosage.



Lesco Nursery Fertilizer  14-14-14

A balanced slow release, sulpher coated, nursery fertilizer.  One application will feed all season.  Excellent for rhododendrons, evergreens and groundcover beds that are lagging in the landscape.  Apply a large handful (1/2 cup) per 3' established plant.  Excellent when it's incorporated into the soil when istalling new plants into the garden.  One or two handfuls mixed into the hole will help get the plant re-established and continue gently feeding throught the season.


Fast release all purpose fertilizer for yearly spring application to trees, shrubs, and perennials.  Also great for established clumps of bulbs.  Apply after blooming.  Only apply when foliage is dry to avoid burning.


Fertilizer for acid loving plants that have difficulty producing flower buds and to ensure strong budding on established strong plants.  Apply after blooming time to rhododendrons, azaleas, dogwoods and mountain laurel.  Do not use in conjunction with 13-13-13 or 21-0-0.  Apply 3/4 cup per 3 foot of plant.


High nitrogen fertilizer good for greening up groundcovers that are sallow and also evergreens and rhododendrons with poor color.  Apply when foliage is dry and be sure to brush foliage off after application to avoid burning.

Osmocote  18-6-12  Annual fertilizer

Slow release fertilizer for annual flowers and perennials.  One application last all season.  Great for flower production.  Can also be used on house plants.  Use one tablespoon per 6" pot or broadcast into outdoor flowerbeds before planting.

Acid Safe  Soil conditioner

Our own mix to help acidify soils.  Aids yellowing or sallow looking evergreens, such as rhododendrons and hollies in greening up.  Non burning. Use one cup per 3 foot of plant along with the appropriate fertilizer.

Aluminum Sulphate  Al2(SO4)3

Use to get vivid blue color on hydrangeas.  Use approximately 1 cup distributed around the drip line for a big 3 foot plant.  Apply in spring and keep watered regularly.  Will only bring out the blue in hydrangeas preconditioned to be blue such as Nikko Blue Hydrangea.

Super Phosphate  0-46-0

A supplement used to wake up plants that are reluctant to bloom.  Use on wisteria, dogwoods, and trumpet vine.  Use 1 cup for 3-5 foot of established plant.  Distribute under the plant and scuff into the soil lightly.

Bone Meal  0-12-0

A natural organic source of phosphorus.  Stimulates root development.  Excellent for bulbs, perennials, roses, peonies and vegetable gardens.


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